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[Updated] Some Nicole news ...
Posted by Marit on 2012-01-31 16:23:58 GMT | Pussycat Dolls News | | Discuss
A couple of items have come out the past few days, firstly it's been confirmed that she WON'T be doing another season of The US X Factor (thank god) which'll mean she gets to focus fully on her music career this year or whatever other plans she has. She shouldn't feel too bad, as Steve The Host and Paula also won't be reappearing on the show, read more about the details here: http://music.yahoo.com/blogs/reality-rocks/x-factor-armageddon-abdul-scherzinger-jones-not-returning-073731166.html

Secondly it seems Nicole's busy in the recording studios for her release of "Killer Love" in the US, Bangladesh (no, not the country) has tweeted out he's been recording with her in the studio, saying: what u know about 2 sessions at once? I know @ciara and @nicolescherzy can tell u about #FULLTIMEGRIND.

Annnd... Last but not leastly (ha ha), Nicole's recorded a classic song "Mona Lisa Smile" with the one and only Will.I.Am (*raps* from the B.E.P.) which'll appear on HIS album... Read or listen to all the details over on Capital FM, and for more go to Rolling Stones.

Update: Nicole herself has confirmed she will not be doing a season 2 of The X Factor: "I wanted to let you know directly from me that it's true I won't be returning to The X Factor." She also said she's: "Looking forward to an exciting year ahead and making great music and more! I'm grateful for the love you always give me. Paula has also tweeted she will not be returning, a few minutes after Nicole's announcement - what a coincidence!
Also, it seems Nicole and her crew have returned from Turkey - must've been a private gig, not for the outside world. What a shame though!

The Pussycat Dolls 2006 performance in Turkey!
Posted by Marit on 2012-01-29 11:43:26 GMT | Pussycat Dolls News | | Discuss
With @NicoleScherzy in Turkey at present to perform at a rather privileged gig for the son of Telman Ismailov - who appears to pay well for his artists (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telman_Ismailov#Lifestyle) - I felt this would be a nice time to add a performance of The Pussycat Dolls there back in 2006 at the MTV TR Lansman Party. It's also been 3 years since 'our' girls had started their Doll Domination Tour - today 3 years ago they were preparing for their show in Manchester! Watch them perform "Buttons", "Beep" and "Don't Cha" on the YouTube video below smile.gif

Nicole features on Flipsyde's Mixtape
Posted by Marit on 2012-01-29 10:25:09 GMT | Pussycat Dolls News | | Discuss
Flipsyde - who toured with PCD and the BEP back in 2006 - have released a free-to-download mixtape that has a song featuring Nicole: "Dear Lord". You can listen to the track, or download the entire mixtape here: http://www.djbooth.net/index/mixtapes/entry/flipsyde-ignite/

I didn't post this earlier because I thought it was a leaked song (which I refuse to support), I only just noticed this is free to download! It's an odd song to say the least, but you might like it if it suits your taste a little smile.gif

Kimberly on The Magicians
Posted by Marit on 2012-01-22 12:21:08 GMT | Pussycat Dolls News | | Discuss
@KimberlyKWyatt was on BBC show 'The Magicians' last night, as you may know she's in the UK right now for the recording of Got To Dance - unfortunately we won't be getting videos of this show up because it's simply too much work - but you can catch the full episode of The Magicians below. Beware this may include tricks you'll find scary - so if you have nightmares don't say I didn't warn you!!!

Recording music
Posted by Marit on 2012-01-21 21:15:03 GMT | Pussycat Dolls News | | Discuss
Not much has been going on as far as I'm concerned, but Jessica has recently tweeted out she's recording music so perhaps we will be able to listen to more music of her this year! smile.gif

In the studio with @BrettsMusic @gbstarr : )

Feels so good to be in the studio tonight.. i really want to be engulfed in music and out of mind tonight.. jus' one of those days. :/

Nicole Scherzinger "number one target" for Andrew Lloyd Webber show
Posted by Marit on 2012-01-21 21:11:52 GMT | Pussycat Dolls News | | Discuss
Lord Andrew Lloyd Webber has asked Nicole Scherzinger to be a judge on his new TV programme Superstar, according to reports.

The musical composer, who has previously found leads for his West End shows Oliver!, The Wizard of Oz, The Sound of Music and Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat through reality TV talent competitions, is now searching for someone to play the title role in Jesus Christ Superstar.

He reportedly wants X Factor USA judge Scherzinger to help him with the casting by joining the show's panel.

A source told The Sun: "Andrew is obsessed with Nicole - he thinks the world of her. As soon as he got the nod his new show was going to happen, Nicole was his number one target. He's got a great working relationship with her and Nicole hugely respects his work."

Although Lord Lloyd Webber ended his association with the BBC after his other competitions, he is continuing the show's format on ITV.

Steve Balsamo, who starred in the 1990s production of Jesus Christ Superstar, has already been confirmed as one of the judges on Superstar.

Last month, Lord Lloyd Webber asked Scherzinger to perform a song from Phantom of the Opera on the Royal Variety Show and is also believed to have cast her as Mary Magdalene in a movie version of Jesus Christ Superstar.

Source: Digital Spy

Beautiful Movements blog entry + video
Posted by Marit on 2012-01-21 21:11:44 GMT | Pussycat Dolls News | | Discuss
Prosperity Begins

I woke up to a lot of nonsense and bullying this morning. i was blown away by the choices of those around me. I've done my best in life to be honest and do fair business. Unfortunately that's not the nature of the beast. I want a lot out of life but I'm also willing to give a lot in return. I'm dedicated to working on me as a person and consistently making positive change and choice. I'm so thankful for life and possibilities.

By working on my inner-self, my spiritual self, I'm able to face each day with a new found calmness. Worry, sadness, anger, and fear don't deserve me. I am doing my best to let go of negativities through meditation. Life will continue to push me because I'm willing to push myself. But when i fall down, I acknowledge the lessons and get right back up feeling even stronger. Many changes are happening in my life. The future is filled with questions! But the reality is in the here and NOW! Everything around me doesn't have to be perfect for me to feel good. I've just got to be strong enough and willing to dedicate myself to clearing my mind of grime each day to make room for dreams, experiences, knowledge, and LOVE!!!

"I'm a good person working toward greatness!" -KW

Source: Beautiful Movements

And here's a video of Kimberly at the Clothes Show Live in Birmingham:

A (late!) Happy New Year everybody!
Posted by Marit on 2012-01-06 20:45:20 GMT | Pussycat Dolls News | | Discuss
As announced, here the late Happy New Year message! I had a lovely week in Portugal thanks for asking, the weather was lovely all week and I even produced a bit of a tan (and I'm like a milk bottle).

I hope everybody has made the best wishes for themselves to get the best out of this new year, see it as a new chance to improve your life and make the decisions you feel are right. Remember there's no harm in wrong decisions - one can only learn from them! I speak from experience smile.gif

On the site news, well, it's all been rather quiet as far as Nicole's concerned I'm afraid. I am delighted to announce that it seems Nicole and Lewis have spend Christmas together so it seems they are back together (again). Let's hope 2012 brings them better things then whatever made them break up in 2011! As for Kimberly, Melody, Jessica, Ashley and also Carmit, I must admit I haven't been the best updater as far as they are concerned. Of course Carmit had her baby so I don't think she's been up to much, and it all still seems a little bit vague to me what the others are trying to persue. I'm mainly a Nicole fan now so that's where my interest is bound to be. I hope you can give me feedback on this and perhaps help me out in news I could post for them, afterall we are PCDWorld and not NicoleWorld as some have cynically said to me! I always read the mentions on Twitter - @pcdworld - and of course our forums remain a crowded place with loads of 'old school' PCD fans! You can also send an e-mail which you can find by clicking the 'About PCDWorld' bar smile.gif

I hope you'll keep visiting the site - we've 'lost' Emily some time ago now and to this day we haven't heard from her. She's done a lot - and I mean a LOT - for this site along with Matt as well of course. Now it's mainly just me updating and Matt helping out with recording UK shows sometimes, we'll continue to provide you with the latest news, pictures and videos and I'll try to improve on updating on all of the PCD girls this year too! All of the best wishes smile.gif